• Do you ever get anxious riding in groups or alone? 
  • Have you ever had an accident, trauma, or scare that has lowered your confidence as a rider? 
  • Do you ever find yourself caught up in the "what if's" 
  • Do you ever feel anxious, irritable, or fatigued, for NO REASON AT ALL? 
  • Do you worry people are watching you, judging you, or what they might say? 
  • Do you ever doubt your horsemanship because of how others make you feel? 
  • Do you want to improve your overall health so you can overcome these challenges, reach your goals, and take your riding to new heights? 
  •  Do you blame your horse when deep down you know the root cause is your own inner dialogue? 
  • Do you experience self doubt and limiting beliefs about what you are capable of?

Nutrition, weight management, and your inner dialogue, are all critical pieces to ensure your success. If you could relate to the above statements, the Be Fit Ride Strong Lifestyle is for you!

 The relationship between the horse and rider truly is a partnership. Horse lovers and owners spend all kinds of time and money on their horses well being, so why not on our own health too?